July 24, 2017

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www.nufologo-315odsinternational.com was created to make it easier for you discover new food and food related solutions that may help you meet your objectives for greater health and well-being.


User-friendly and easy to access 24/7, www.nufoodsinternational.com intends to bring you:

  • information on the latest product launches and new technologies
  • food and nutrition research developments
  • marketplace news
  • special medical reports, expert reviews and opinions
  • tips and tricks

to enhance your total healthy eating experience.

Keeping up with the thousands of new products launched every year is simply impossible for any of us! Our goal is to slash your research time and help you find new food solutions much faster.


logo-315…and we invite you to join us on our journey as together we uncover the very latest on everything food from around the world developed by fully qualified food, culinary, nutrition and health professionals for the “health of it!”

We also intend to WOW you as we explore a world of innovation on everything food—conventional and organic including:

  • agri-fresh foods
  • convenience foods
  • functional foods
  • nutraceuticals (dietary supplements and food complements)
  • beauty foods
  • and even pet foods

Discover with us the very latest technologies in food production, food processing, food packaging, food preparation utensils and appliances. Looking for new tips and tricks to maximize your culinary experience? We’ll share these too.

Food safety, yes…it’s is also on our radar!

There are more than 10,000 new products entering the market on a yearly basis—in the USA alone. And in Canada alone more than 30,000 new product licenses were granted for natural health products since 2004.

Overwhelming is the word used by consumers to describe their reaction to new product launches. Many have shared with us their skepticism and mistrust of “NEW” products. That’s where we come in!

logo-315Our online news tabloid will soon be supported by a quarterly print news tabloid distributed at retail and foodservice. It aims to provide you print excerpts of the latest information you need to analyze the relevance of new products as solutions for you and new knowledge/know-how on how you might want to integrate these products into your everyday life.


When you register online, you will be able to access all our regular information, at all times—FREE OF CHARGE.

If you prefer to receive more in depth information, reports and reviews, feel free to join our community of subscribers for only $9.99 per year (plus applicable taxes).  Or sign up for our specialty newsletters and our professionally-guided nufoods and culinary tours (coming soon).

By providing you the latest research breakthroughs, news, reviews, commentaries, tips and tricks on new products, we hope to make it easier for you to get the information you need to make informed decisions about your choices for better health and well-being.

WHO ARE WE? We’re nufood junkies!

And we’re professional about it—trained as Registered Dietitians, Professional Home Economists, Food Scientists or Culinary Chefs. We truly enjoy and value discovering ways to fill our lives with full flavour and texture…for the “health of it”.

Some of us are a product of the 50-60s with lots of experience. Yogurt did not exist as a daily option when we were growing up…and “What is broccoflower?” We got most of our food from the Village General Store and the local Meat Market.

Some of us are new food and nutrition graduates born in the 80-90s. As children, our world included lots of food choices. Convenience was important since both our parents worked. As a family, we ate out a lot more than our parents did. “And talk about the multitude of breakfast cereals to choose from!”   


booksglassesdreamstimefree_1699210BECAUSE…every day there are new products launched in the marketplace and every day there is new information published about food, technology, health and nutrition. We want to help you explore and discover new products that are truly innovative and relevant to YOU—in your quest for health and well-being.

And because we think innovation is exciting. We also think excitement keeps us energized and healthy. It’s highly contagious and we intend to contaminate each and everyone of our readers as you uncover new products and new gadgets in your shopping bags.

With so many new products out there, making informed food choices is not always easy. So we’ll try to help you find new ways to enhance your total food experience.

We especially love S M A R T innovation—evidence-based innovative foods and related products that have the ability to improve our quality of life, health, culinary experience while respecting our planet. So we promise to focus on the SMART stuff.

We hope you enjoy www.nufoodsinternational.com. Please feel free to share your very own discoveries with us. And if you want us to research a particular topic or product, by all means let us know. We’ll get on it!

from all of us at nufoods international, bon appétit!




  • believes that no one food can make or break an individual’s nutritional status or health. Only a balanced diet, including a variety of foods that meet energy and nutrient requirements can promote and maximize the potential for optimal health and well-being. Other lifestyle behaviours (physical activity, smoking, stress, sleep, financial security, etc) also influence health and wellbeing.
  • believes that wholesome foods and beverages should be the principal source of nourishment and nutrition. Dietary supplements can offer effective complementary nutritional support when the diet falls short of supplying the appropriate amount of nutrients or when nutrient requirements are greater than usual.
  • believes that “functional foods” and/or “natural health products” that have been shown to have physiological benefits and/or reduce the risk of diet-related chronic diseases beyond basic nutritional functions can be used to:
    • diagnose, treat, mitigate or prevent a disease, disorder or abnormal physical state or its symptoms in humans;
    • restore or correct organic functions in humans;
    • modify organic functions, in a manner that maintains, restores or promotes health and can make a positive contribution to healthy eating, health and wellbeing
      • The Functional Food Center defines “functional foods” as “natural or processed foods that contains known or unknown biologically-active compounds; which, in defined quantitative and qualitative amounts, provide a clinically proven and documented health benefit for the prevention, management, or treatment of chronic disease”
  • believes that therapeutic diets, which may or may not include functional foods and/or natural health products, and enteral nutrition support can help to prevent or treat nutrition related disorders and accompanying symptoms and malaises
  • believes that the information we provide should rely on scientific evidence and peer-reviewed research whenever possible  or alternatively on sound expert opinion with a solid biological basis—soundness being based on, as a minimum, “consistency of evidence from various study models: epidemiological, clinical, animal, and a plausibility that a relationship exists between the consumption of nutrients or foods and health
  • recognizes that optimal health is the result of complex interaction between genetic factors, the environment and lifestyle behaviours. Individuals with specific disorders must consult their health care providers for a thorough assessment of health problems and appropriate treatment
  • supports environmental sustainability

WE WORK WITH INNOVATION LEADERS                                                                                                           

We collaborate with leaders in food innovation worldwide to bring you the latest and most reliable information. We are extremely grateful to our contributors, supporters, collaborators, sponsors, advertisers, family and friends for making this web site available to you.


Although www.nufoodsinternational.com recognizes the valuable contribution made by our supporters we maintain complete editorial independence and operational separation. This means that we make the decisions about the information we provide without interference at any time.

Ideas for our content come mostly from our users.  We develop stories, reports and reviews based on new developments in the world of food innovation or in response to specific topics of public interest.  Make sure you let us know what you want to read about…

TELL US HOW WE ARE DOING                                                                                                                                  

Any time—All the time! We strive to offer you a user-friendly and interactive experience. If you enjoy your experience online, let us know. If you don’t, let us know louder. We will try harder!


There are many opportunities on our web site for you to provide valuable input. You can also email us at info@nufoodsinternational.com.