July 24, 2017

Achieving health through beauty

Now there’s an interesting conceptsmoothie! We often speak of beauty as the result of being healthy or skillful application of products on skin and hair.

But a new study currently under way at the University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus is putting a different spin on beauty. Lead researcher Dr Ian Stephen is interested in finding out if improvements in the appearance of skin and by extension enhanced attractiveness could encourage people to eat and drink more healthily.

Previous studies by Dr Stephen have already found that people who eat more fruit and vegetables—on a dmineral wateraily basis exhibit skin colouring with a more golden hue which makes them look more attractive. It has also been suggested by many that people who look healthier are in fact healthy.

So a study was designed to assess the effect of a carotenoid rich fruit drink on skin and perceived attractiveness.

Two different health drinks were offered to students who took part in the six (6) week trial: one—made from carrots and underutilized fruit found in Malaysia, and the other—mineral water. During the test period, researchers looked at body composition, dietary intake, skin colour and brightness. Results are just starting to come in. Stay tuned.