July 24, 2017

Health Matters

SnapBack for a better morning after

A newcomer to the market, this product aims to assist those that have had just too much to drink the night before the morning after. Alcohol consumption has generally decreased world wide, but not in Canada. According to the latest CAMH study … [Read more...]

Gluten-Free: What’s the Problem?

Updated February 2014— Original article September 2013 The author gratefully acknowledges the important contribution made by Sandhya and Swapna Mylabathula to this article. Walking along the aisles of a grocery store, you’re likely to spot more … [Read more...]

New research at DC conference 2013

More than 600 dietitians participated at the National Annual Conference hosted by Dietitians of Canada in Victoria, BC last week. This annual gathering provides members an opportunity to learn more about the latest research developments on food, … [Read more...]

Antioxidants and aging theory challenged by new research

According to an article written by Moyer M,W in Scientific American (Feb 2013) the theory that free radicals cause cellular damage which leads to aging may be in doubt. Epidemiological Studies have shown that populations eating lots of fruits and … [Read more...]

Neostrata now using stem cell technology in skin care

Two new cutting-edge technologies PhytoCellTecTM and Survixyl IS TM are now used as part of the formulation of Neostrata's Anti-Aging Serum. According to Neostrata these stem cell technologies combined with powerful peptides have been shown to … [Read more...]

New—Lentil and Millet Flours by Cuisine Soleil

Certified organic and gluten-free, these two flours by Cuisine Soleil offer consumers new options to meet their special needs. With few organic and gluten-free products in the marketplace at the time, Marc Paquin and Blandine Arsenault humbly … [Read more...]

Bio-K plus reduces the risk of diarrhea

Yogurts are typically produced using a culture of Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus and Streptococcus salivarus subsp. thermophilus, to which are added the probiotics lactobacilli and/or bifidobacteria. Probiotic enriched yogurts can be … [Read more...]

Consumer Reports: 9,000 subscribers rate 13 diet plans and tools

Self-tracking of diet and physical activity was identified as a critical The feature article “Lose weight your way” in the February 2013 edition of Consumer Reports identifies the following as critical success factors for weight … [Read more...]

Bio-K Plus—A new fermented milk product

This 100% probiotic fermented milk is supported by extensive clinical research and has been shown to play a valuable role in maintaining healthy intestinal flora. Unlike regular yogurts, Bio-K fermented products are considered to be 100% probiotic. … [Read more...]

Coca Cola responds to national obesity

In January 2013, Coco-Cola began airing a two-minute TV commercial as part of their new ad campaign “Coming together” designed to help in the fight against obesity. The world’s leading beverage company also points out that it has taken many steps … [Read more...]