July 24, 2017


Heinz launches new Fiery Sriracha Chilli Sauce

Hot on the heels of the US launch of Heinz Ketchup Blended with Sriracha Flavor last week, Heinz has announced the UK launch of its brand new Fiery Sriracha Chilli Sauce – a flavour that joins the ranks of its Chilli Sauces range. Sriracha is the … [Read more...]

Coconut whipped cream by Gay Lea is a taste test winner

"Fluffy", "airy" and "silky smooth" are often used as words to describe heavenly whipped cream… Who doesn't appreciate this topping on fresh strawberries or pumpkin pie, right? Well, Gay Lea has created a new kind of whipped cream—simply made with … [Read more...]

“Good For You Desserts” meet special needs

"Good for You Desserts" caught our  attention at CRFA 2014 Trade show in Toronto.  These quality and wholesome desserts are nut free, low in fat, have no trans fat and are made without additives and preservatives. Currently, available you will … [Read more...]

Green Garbanzos—New Agri-freshness!

Last week we came upon a new versatile food at the CRFA trade show in Toronto.  "The Green Garbanzo by Nature's Classic"! Green Garbanzo Beans are basically chickpeas that are harvested early while still green or immature. They do not need to be … [Read more...]

Back to School Treat Ideas

Cookies are not the only treats to add in a lunch bag. Sardo Foods of Bolton (Ontario), just released individually packed pitted olives for Back to School. When I saw these little single serve packages I was excited. Now my daughter who loves … [Read more...]

Atta with Multigrains: A newcomer to India

aashirvaad multigrain atta-new healthy foods-foods for healthy-new natural health foods-aliments sante

ITC is one of India's foremost private sector companies. Its multi-business portfolio includes food and brands such as Aashirvaad. Atta with Multigrains has just been launched under this brand. “Atta” is the flour used to make most South Asian … [Read more...]

Flavoured milk wins award

CARDAMOMMilk - new healthy foods-foods for healthy-new natural health foods-aliments sante

In 2011, Al Ain Dairy Food Co (United Arab Emirates) was the first ever winner of the “SIAL Innovation Award” in the Middle East, for its cardamom flavoured vitamin A and D enriched milk. Undeniably nutritious, milk is a great vehicle for … [Read more...]

Aloe Vera—Not Just for sunburns

ALO Range-new healthy foods-foods for healthy-new natural health foods-aliments sante

ALO EXPOSED (ALOE VERA JUICE+PULP) You may have used aloe vera on sunburns or to help heal cuts, but now you can drink it. Made with aloe extract, this drink provides per 240 mL (app 1/2 bottle) - 60 Calories, 30% Daily Value of vitamin C, 3% calcium … [Read more...]

For Men Only: Nature’s Best

Indigo rose - new healthy foods-foods for healthy-new natural health foods-aliments sante

Although there is controversy over the role of lycopenes —a pigment found in tomatoes, with respect to the prevention of prostate cancer in men, there does seem to be a protective effect when whole tomatoes are eaten. Enter the Indigo Rose! Newly … [Read more...]

For Women Only: Sweet & Salty

California-based Clif Bar & Co. rolled out the LUNA Peanut Honey Pretzel, a snack made specifically for women. The bar combines sweet and salty with the crunch of peanuts and pretzels. Because of their hormonal variations throughout the month … [Read more...]