July 24, 2017


Bio-K plus reduces the risk of diarrhea

Yogurts are typically produced using a culture of Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus and Streptococcus salivarus subsp. thermophilus, to which are added the probiotics lactobacilli and/or bifidobacteria. Probiotic enriched yogurts can be … [Read more...]

Honibe wins several awards

"Honibe" is a natural health products/specialty foods manufacturer based in Charlottetown, PE.         The company created a patented technology to naturally dehydrate honey which used to make numerous product lines sold under the Honibe (Hon-ee-bee) … [Read more...]


ultraglycemx - new healthy foods-foods for healthy-new natural health foods-aliments sante

This food complement by Metagenics is a powder that must be combined with water to make a shake-like drink. UltraglycemX is aimed at individuals who have been diagnosed with health conditions such as Type II diabetes. This product is to be used … [Read more...]