July 24, 2017


Tree Leaves—for Colour and Functional Ingredients

Researchers at VTT Technical Research Centre in Finland are currently exploring a process allows for the extraction of natural colourants and nutritional compounds from fallen leaves that would otherwise be burned or composted. Leaves in autumn … [Read more...]

Introducing the 2-Compartment, Snap-Fit Bottle

Clasper Two-Compartment, Snap-Fit Bottle is now available The ClasperTM blow molded bottle technology is now available to brand owners who want to market a product in a package with two separate containers. The Clasper concept enables two … [Read more...]

NSF-GFTC takes food safety innovation seriously

As consumers, we don’t tend to think about the pathogens that may be lurking inside the food we purchase at retail. Yet food poisoning is a constant threat to human health. The Government of Canada for example estimates that there are about 4 million … [Read more...]

Susan likes the “Fuel Snack’n Dip Container”

Now, this container is so cute it just might be worth filling.  The Snack 'N Dip Container  by Trudeau is perfect for carrot or celery sticks and dip. It is ideal for a few crackers and cream cheese or pita and hummus.  After all, it comes with it's … [Read more...]

Neostrata now using stem cell technology in skin care

Two new cutting-edge technologies PhytoCellTecTM and Survixyl IS TM are now used as part of the formulation of Neostrata's Anti-Aging Serum. According to Neostrata these stem cell technologies combined with powerful peptides have been shown to … [Read more...]

Baby Teething Feeders—Friend or Foe?

The Teething Feeder from Sassy® is made up of a clever mesh bag that can be filled with food. The mesh bag is attached to a large ring handle that babies manipulate to direct the food to their mouth. When filled with frozen foods or ice, the … [Read more...]


Eggies is a registered trademark of Safe TV Shop, LLC © 2012 APG all rights reserved. Eggies intends to make it easier to cook hard boiled eggs without the shell. Just crack your egg, place it in the plastic container and boil it’s that easy—at … [Read more...]

Honibe wins several awards

"Honibe" is a natural health products/specialty foods manufacturer based in Charlottetown, PE.         The company created a patented technology to naturally dehydrate honey which used to make numerous product lines sold under the Honibe (Hon-ee-bee) … [Read more...]

Skin Care

Neutrogena-new healthy foods-foods for healthy-new natural health foods-aliments sante

Skin Care Going Foodie & “All Natural” Neutrogena®, has just introduced "Naturals" a line of face care products including cleansers, moisturizers, lip balm. These ecologically friendly skincare products use bionutrients to deliver safe and … [Read more...]

Apple stem cells for beauty

uttwiler spatlauber - new healthy foods-foods for healthy-new natural health foods-aliments sante

Apples—The Fountain of Youth! Consumers continue to look for ways to care for their bodies, inside and out. The cosmetic use of everyday food such as egg masks, oatmeal face wash or vinegar hair cleaner is not new and research on the use of food … [Read more...]