July 24, 2017

Tree Leaves—for Colour and Functional Ingredients

Researchers at VTT Technical Research Centre in Finland are currently exploring a process allows for the extraction of natural colourants and nutritional compounds from fallen leaves that would otherwise be burned or composted. Leaves in autumn … [Read more...]

Biofilms—Pesky and Risky

We often hear about the problems associated with drug resistant bacteria in hospitals. Canadian data estimate that 2,890 patients are infected with drug resistant bacteria. Bacteria can develop resilience over time and can be fatal when least … [Read more...]

New gel technology fights bacteria more effectively

Everyone loves a good home cooked meal, but when it comes to washing dishes and cleaning up, well—most of us probably delay this nasty task. But, no matter how much a of hassle we may think washing a few bowls and spoons is, it doesn’t even compare … [Read more...]

NSF-GFTC takes food safety innovation seriously

As consumers, we don’t tend to think about the pathogens that may be lurking inside the food we purchase at retail. Yet food poisoning is a constant threat to human health. The Government of Canada for example estimates that there are about 4 million … [Read more...]

New research at DC conference 2013

More than 600 dietitians participated at the National Annual Conference hosted by Dietitians of Canada in Victoria, BC last week. This annual gathering provides members an opportunity to learn more about the latest research developments on food, … [Read more...]

Minerals in bottled waters—nutrition implication?

Consumption of bottled water is on the rise. Statistics vary from one country to the other depending on access to safe tap water and cultural practices. But generally in Canada, 1 out of 3 households choose bottled water (2007) 75% of the time … [Read more...]

Not all saturated fats linked to heart disease

"When looking at health outcomes, the focus should be on whole foods rather than single nutrients."  We're hearing this a lot more over the past years. This principle may also apply to saturated fats (SFA) according to a research article published … [Read more...]