July 24, 2017

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Natural Products Expo West – Anaheim 2015: What’s new?

The 2015 NPEW - Trade show was attended by more than 70,000 participants and more than 2,700 exhibitors. Among the latest trends: In the beauty category, we're seeing the emergence of more product lines featuring nutrient-rich, edible ingredients … [Read more...]

Consumers want clearer labels with better explanation of claims

  The move from “clean” to “clear” labels are a key trend shaping product development in the food industry according to Lu Ann Williams, global analyst at Innova Market Insights, Netherlands. In her Webinar today, she highlighted the … [Read more...]

Food Scores: A new way to rate quality?

Washington, D.C. A nonprofit—The Environmental Working Group (EWG) launched "Food Scores: Rate Your Plate,"  last week. The group intends to make it easier for consumers to look up their favourite grocery item and immediately see a health score, … [Read more...]

A Food Strategy for Canada

The Canadian Food Strategy, launched today as part of the 3rd Canadian Food Summit held in Toronto, stresses the importance of change to meet the food needs of Canadians and to enable the industry to grow. “Canadians want food that is safe, … [Read more...]

Gluten-free leads the trend in foodservice

A survey of more than 400 professional chefs by Restaurants Canada in January 2014 indicates that Canadians are going gaga for gluten-free. The local food trend was dethroned after a four-year reign. It seems Canadians are now in search of less … [Read more...]

Simply Cook and Enjoy

March is Nutrition Month There is growing concern about a potential lack of home cooking and loss of cooking skills among Canadians of all ages. Shifting values, meeting work-home time demands and reliance on prepared meals are just a few of the … [Read more...]

Ontario Bill 162 Requests Calorie Information on Food Menu

On Monday February 24, 2014, the Ontario legislative assembly approved the first reading of Bill 162 Making Healthier Food Choices Act, 2014. The act, if enacted, would require chains of 20 or more food service premises in Ontario to display the … [Read more...]

Food Innovation—Canadian industry lags behind

“When it comes to innovation performance, the Canadian food industry is lagging behind”, said Dr Charles Le Vallée, to a full house attending the 2013 State of the Industry symposium hosted by NSF-GFTC in Toronto on November 7, 2013. Le Vallée is a … [Read more...]

New Foods on CTV News

CTV News, Peter Grainger walked the halls of the Grocery West Trade Show taking place in Vancouver on April 14-15th, 2013. To find out more about what he discovered on new foods and trends, click here.     … [Read more...]

Susan’s take on the Toronto’s Good Food & Drink Festival—2013

Susan Campisi of nufoods PROMOCOM international inc, really enjoyed strolling through the Good Food and Drink Festival held in Toronto last week (April 5, 2013). She shared the following with us. "Truly and honestly, I really liked walking down … [Read more...]