July 24, 2017

Consumers want clearer labels with better explanation of claims


Lu Ann Williams

Lu Ann Williams

The move from “clean” to “clear” labels are a key trend shaping product development in the food industry according to Lu Ann Williams, global analyst at Innova Market Insights, Netherlands.

In her Webinar today, she highlighted the importance of convenience as a critical success factor when undertaking food innovation.

“Naturalness and the origin of products are important to consumers,”  Williams added, “as are clearer and simpler claims and packaging for maximum transparency.”

She told us “snackification” was not going away as people continue to search for lighter meal options. Nor is the interest in protein.  Of greater interest is an increase in new sources of protein such as algae and insects. And gone are the days of “black and white “or “good and bad” foods, she stated—a “greying” of issues is on the rise. For example, the “natural” appeal of butter seems to mitigate its saturated fat content.

Williams told us she believed the industry was not taking sufficient measures to boast the freshness and nutrient content of  frozen foods.  And she concluded by sharing with us the importance of meeting the demands made by Millennials—the fastest growing demographic group, next to the baby boomers and born in the early 1980 to 2000. This demographic group is quite sophisticated. Most welcome convenience and premium options for gourmet meals at home.