July 21, 2017

Natural Products Expo West – Anaheim 2015: What’s new?

The 2015 NPEW – Trade show was attended by more than 70,000 participants and more than 2,700 exhibitors. Among the latest trends:

In the beauty category, we’re seeing the emergence of more product lines featuring nutrient-rich, edible ingredients (many of them USDA Organic certified) such as açaí, coconut, ancient grains, hemp and chia.

“Old school” is cool again. Traditional ingredients long known for their nutritional benefits such as apple cider vinegar and turmeric are popping up in new ways in foods, beverages and even dietary supplements.

Paleo on Parade
Grains, processed sugars and and legumes, be gone! The paleo trend continues to gain momentum with the emergence of a new paleo certification and more packaged foods made with simple, whole food ingredients.

Probiotics Pop
Probiotics also continue to be hot, showing up in new supplement formulations, cosmetics, greens powders, snacks and even fresh-pressed juice. (Photo credit: @Ohso_Chocolate)

Clean, Simple Ingredients
Sometimes, innovation can mean simplification, as the ingredient lists for many new food and beverage offerings continue to get shorter and cleaner. The move to cleaner, food-based ingredients are also be seen in supplements and personal care.

Back to the Source
“Local” is for more than just the farmers market. A growing number of brands are touting the sourcing stories behind their products — from ketchup made with New Jersey-grown tomatoes to an entire supplement line featuring only ingredients grown in Nepal.

Coconut Reimagined
Coconut’s not a new trend, but now we’re seeing the debut of new healthy packaged products featuring coconut in imaginative, new ways that provide the health benefits of coconut—often in place of less-healthy ingredients. And it’s not just for food—this tropical ingredient is appearing in beauty products, too. (Photo credit: Instagram user travellingdietitian)

Vegan on the Down Low
Instead of focusing on what isn’t in their products, many vegan brands choose to emphasize the quality ingredients, delicious taste or mission of their products more than their vegan positioning. The end result is a much more accessible offering for mainstream audiences.

Mission Matters
First comes a philanthropic mission, then comes a suite of natural, organic and healthy products to support that mission and create a positive social impact.

Protein power
From pea protein to cricket protein to products containing a mixture of both plant and animal proteins, this trend is everywhere in the food, beverage and supplement categories. Sports protein powders alone comprise a $3.4 billion market—which is just one-third of the $10 billion global market for protein.