July 24, 2017

SIAL Food Innovation Awards 2015

This year the following were judged to be the 10 best innovations at SIAL Canada.

Nupasta – Konjac Angel Hair: Gluten free. Ready in 1 minute. Made with konjac root and non-GMO soy. Innovation: component – recipe. Country: China, Canada, ON





Fantino & Mondello – Dry Salami: Gluten free salami bites in a resealable bag. For appetizer. Innovations: component – recipe, packaging. Country: Canada, QC





Doi Chaang Coffee Co. – Social Medium: Organic and fair trade coffee in 90% biodegradable pod. 12 individually wrapped pods. Innovations: packaging, manufacturing process, marketing positioning. Country: Thailand & Canada, BC





Omax – Nutritious and Delicious Bar: Nutrition bar sold in chilled or frozen range. Preservative free. Innovations: component – recipe, marketing positioning. Country: Canada, QC





Pure – Infused Maple Syrup: Spice-infused maple syrup in a sophisticated bottle with wooden cap. Innovations: component – recipe, packaging. Country: Canada, NS





Exotico – Sumatra Robusta Green Coffee: Instant green coffee for fitness. Low in calories. Drink hot or cold. Innovations: component – recipe. Country: Indonesia





Walter – All-Natural Craft Caesar Mix: Natural handcrafted Bloody Caesar cocktail mix. No monosodium glutamate, isoglucose, colours or artificial flavours. Innovations: component – recipe, manufacturing process. Country: Canada, BC





Haskapa – Haskap Juice Drink: Haskap juice in a slim bottle. Made from 187 haskap berries, lightly sweetened. Innovations: component – recipe, packaging. Country: Canada, NS





Malimousse – Seafood Dip: Specialty dip with Greek yogurt and fish or seafood. Innovation: component – recipe. Country: Canada, QC





Fresh Attitude Fraiche – Teriyaki, Stir Fry: Asian inspired vegetables and noodle mix in microwaveable and resealable bowl. Innovations: component –recipe, packaging. Country: Canada, QC