July 24, 2017

Kumato Tomatoes—New to Canadian Market

Kumato Tomatoes-new healthy foods-foods for healthy-new natural health foods-aliments santeSUNSET® Kumato™  brown tomatoes were seen in several retail stores last year. Ranging from dark brown to golden green this family of tomatoes seems to be less tart than traditional tomatoes. Originally from the Mediterranean, these tomatoes weigh in at 80-120 g. They are somewhat larger than cherry tomatoes and sweeter due to their higher fructose content.

Kumatos have a longer shelf life and are considered a gourmet ingredient by many. The presence of terpenes are responsible for the darker pigments in these tomatoes. Terpenes add valuable phytochemicals to the diet.

Mastronardi Produce/SUNSET® is the largest greenhouse company in North America. SUNSET® Produce is a pioneer and leader in the gourmet greenhouse industry that grows & markets nationally recognized brands such as the Campari® Tomato, Splendido™ Grape Tomatoes, Kumato™, and Champagne Cocktail Tomatoes™ under its SUNSET® label.

Mastronardi also produces, peppers and cucumbers as well as seasonal production of eggplant, lettuce and berries.

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