July 24, 2017

Simply Cook and Enjoy

Nutrition-Month-2014-englishMarch is Nutrition Month
There is growing concern about a potential lack of home cooking and loss of cooking skills among Canadians of all ages. Shifting values, meeting work-home time demands and reliance on prepared meals are just a few of the factors that translate into poor food preparation skills and less interest in home cooking. Yet everyone—absolutely everyone enjoys a good home-cooked meal.
So if adults are not cooking, how will they pass on critical food preparation skills to their children?
Evidence suggests that children who are involved in meal preparation and enjoy meals with their families have healthier diets. So this year, Dietitians of Canada adopted “Simply Cook and Enjoy” as the slogan for nutrition month .
Guiding Consumers Back to the Kitchen and Cooking Basics
Nutrition Month 2014 is designed to inspire Canadians to get back to cooking basics and to involve children and youth in food preparation. The campaign features 31 ready-to-go practical cooking tips to assist Canadians in their efforts to enjoy healthy eating at home. Tips and Tricks by Dietitians of Canada can be found here.
nufoods PROMOCOM international inc supports healthy eating
We at nufoods international support all efforts that foster healthy eating. That’s because we believe that health is the new wealth. And absolutely nothing can replace the feeling that comes with health and well-being. Just ask any sick person.
So go it this month! Renew your relationship with that whisk you bought a year ago. Take out your mixing bowls and whip way!