July 21, 2017

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nufoods INTERNATIONAL is excited to open its doors to the WORLD of food innovation.          Come on in! Join us—as together we look for new food solutions that may be found in your backyard or from around the world.

We promise to bring you the latest and greatest in:

  • new foods and related products to achieve better overall well-being and greater enjoyment of food.
  • new evidence-based food and health research developments—no “hokie pokie” information here!
  • new food technology and new kitchen gadgets for a healthier and more satisfying diet—and more fun food experience.

And we’re happy to provide you with lots of free information.

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      • and most importantly, “WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU?
    • you will explore a world of new foods and related products to give you more options in response to your needs
    • you will access INTELLIGENCE on thousands of newly launched products including: a description of the product, innovative features, nutritional value and health/nutrition claims
    • you will get valuable expert reviews, practical commentaries, tips and tricks on new products
    • you will be able to ask your questions and get answers
    • you will be able to read what others have said about their experience with new products and you will be able to provide your own comments

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